So Long Sevilla

As my time in Sevilla has drawn to close, I thought I should reflect on what I have learnt, the people I have met and the time I have spent living in a new country.

Firstly, the reason I was in Seville was to improve my Spanish skills, and hopefully Spanish falls into the category of things I have learnt in my time in Spain. I can 100% see an improvement in my listening skills. However, my speaking may not have improved as much as I would have liked down to the fact that often English is the only common language, and people prefer to practice their English.

Second, I have met the made the most amazing friends. The girls I lived with were incredible and all of them such positive and energetic people. They have almost certainly made me a more positive person. So I have to thank my Spanish Señoritas for that. I am almost certain that I will sometime soon be making the trip to Canada to visit one of them – especially as she was always telling us how beautiful it was. I am sure that the friendships I made in Seville will stand the test of time.

As for what I have learnt about myself; I like living in warm countries – the English weather just doesn’t make the cut, I love my degree – there is nothing more rewarding than having a conversation in a foreign language and being understood, and finally, I am braver than I thought – making friends is hard, making friends in a foreign language is harder and requires a certain amount of bravery to talk without fear of being judged for the mistakes you are almost certainly making.

If you are ever given the chance to study or work abroad, there is nothing I could recommend more highly.



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