Rendezvous in Ronda

My Andalusian adventures continue…

Ronda. A beautiful town separated by a large gorge, one side houses the old town and the other the new. They are joined together by the New Bridge – not so aptly named as I’m pretty sure its over 200 years old. Definitely reminds me of something from a Tolkien novel!

Just a short two hour bus journey from Sevilla, this day trip did not disappoint! The small town clings to the edge of a cliff face has almost definitely some of the most spectacular views I have ever seen. You can stand there and feel like you are looking over the edge of the world.

Ronda, Spain

After spending a lot of time admiring the panoramic views from various spots in the town, we ventured down some old mines to reach the bottom of the gorge, and it was spectacular! The depths of the gorge were just as reminiscent of Tolkien’s world as the top. Simply stunning!

Ronda, Spain

This day trip was also my first day out with my brand new SELFIE STICK! Here is a sample of my spinning selfies, and a cheeky group snap!


Having fun remembering #ronda merry christmas ma sistaaas @kneue @dot_blondie @lmckx

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