Colours, Cádiz and Córdoba

I have been a bad blogger and failed to keep up with my writing. But I vow to change! Especially with two big exciting trips on the horizon! This is a bit of a catch up, so I thought I’d write about a the highlights of the last couple of months in Sevilla.

Firstly, The Colour Run. Basically, a 5km run where people throw paint over you. You wear white and the paint sticks and you end up looking like a sort of walking Jackson Pollock. I can honestly say that the run, which started in the Plaza de España and ended up in a festival style arena over the river, was the best way to spend a hungover Sunday morning. It was the most electric and uplifting atmosphere, but I think the best way to describe it is to watch this video my friend put together of the day. He wanted my housemates and I to help him put some words to the images he had captured and I truly think the end result is stunning. Such a talented filmmaker!


Second exciting thing; I went to Cádiz, which is a wee costal town toward the Portuguese border. My journey there was my first experience with the Spanish railways and RENFE which, by the way, is waaaaay nicer than the UK rail system. My trip was also the first time using air bnb – which is essentially a website where people can rent out their houses whilst they’re away. Also a great experience. Cádiz is relatively small, but has a stunning seafront which we spent an entire day ambling along and taking in the stunning sea views. It was nice to get away from the busy Sevilla and just enjoy the sounds of the sea.

Cádiz Catherdral

The final highlight is my day trip to Córdoba – supposedly this small town used to be the centre of the western world. At the heart of Córdoba is the stunning “Mezquita”. The former mosque was transformed into a church, but the old Arab features still remain. A forest of arabic arches surround a cathedral-style centre – it is difficult to believe that the two architectural styles belong to the same building. I also loved that the building was filled with artists painting the interior.


I would definitely recommend doing all three of the things in this post, the latter two require you to be in España, but Colour Run’s are going global, so find one near you and brighten up your life with a splash of colour!

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