Beaches and Bulls

I’ve come to the end of another couple of weeks in Seville, and, boy, have they been busy! The sunday before last, me, my flatmates and about 200 other ERASMUS students descended on the beach of the Isla Tahvira in Portugal for the day. Despite not having the best weather in the world my first time in Portugal was pretty fun! There was the small trouble of being eaten alive by mosquitos as well, but the island was beautiful and it was great to meet some new people and have some fun at the beach!


The Tuesday night comprised of a Beer Pong Tournament in which I had one lucky first shot and then bombed out in the first round. A feat which I repeated the following Tuesday!

We’ve been to Hoya Bar twice now, except the second week we also went to an amazing club called Kudeta as well!

Saturday night was one of the best nights ever – we went to half open air/half indoor club, Casino – where we boogied until half 6 in the morning- which is the Spanish way of doing things apparently! It’s a shame that the Summer season is ending and all the outdoor clubs are closing, because they are such fun!

I’m loving the difference between the Spanish and English nightlife – the Spaniards go out late and stay out late! They also dance far better than we do!


Last Sunday was a very cultural day – we were able to sample a very traditional Andalusian past time. The Bullfight. La Corrida del Toro – as it is called in Spain – is a long standing tradition here, but one which has been the subject of great controversy in recent years. La Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla is the oldest bullring in the world – and it is a beautiful stage for the event to take place. There were 6 bulls and 3 main matadors. The matadors looked stunning in their outfits, which shimmered beautifully in the late evening sun. DSC_0021 There are 3 stages to a bullfight – the first is with men on horseback and spears, the second involved decorated spear-like things which matadors use to stab the bull two at a time, and the final stage is with the matador and his red cape. DSC_0086 The first bull that came out was pale in colour and looked incredibly confused. The first bullfight upset me, and I found it rather distressing – not as distressing as some however, as one girl left crying. I did however want to stay to watch how the fight progressed. As the evening progressed, I felt I was able to appreciate more the fight for what it is – an art form, a show, a piece of theatre. I didn’t hate it as much as I first thought! I can completely understand why the fights draw so much controversy – but I am so glad to have seen one for myself. DSC_0081 This week was brought to a close by the most amazing day at the beach on the Costa del Sol on a day trip with Planet Spain. For 25 euros we went to the beach, have the most amazing lunch and BBQ and a tonne of sangria and mojitos as well! It was so great to spend time with the girls in the sun! 10614407_10154663896785527_4588877625771969981_n10351728_10154663856920527_6486754822391384422_n

More updates soon – although I can’t guarantee it’ll be as action-packed as this one!


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