Business in Bratislava

As a part of my 8-week internship, I was given the opportunity to travel to the Slovak capital of Bratislava, and work at the company’s offices there. Obviously, I grabbed the opportunity with two hands. I’d never been to Slovakia, and I think it’s a pretty good scratch for my scratch map.

Before I went I knew nothing about Slovakia – literally nothing! Now I know a little bit more.

I flew to Vienna, Austria, because believe it or not apparently its actually nearer to Bratislava than Bratislava Airport. I was picked up at the airport by a Slovak driver (he had my name on a card – it was very cool) who was great at answering my questions about Slovakia, and I, in turn, ended up explaining to him how the British welfare state works, and our immigration policy.

I arrived at the offices and was greeted by the Business Development Manager, Klaudia -who is absolutely great and so kind. I was told that I had the evening to go explore – so I did. I was staying in the heart of the Old Quarter in the shadow hill of the atop which sits Bratislava Castle. The old quarter is lovely, and is made even lovelier by being lit up so beautifully on an evening. Bratislava is small, with a population of around 600,000, and it feels it. It isn’t overly busy, but there is still an atmosphere.

Bratislava Main SquareOne night the girls I worked with took me out to try some traditional Slovak cuisine – should you ever do this, you may want to fast for a few days beforehand – it is comprised of various forms of potato and a unique Slovak cheese made from sheep’s milk. Despite being full after just mouthfuls – it was really good!

Slovak Food - FlagshipThe girls also took me up the hill to see Bratislava castle – which is huge… HUGE! It doesn’t look so big from the bottom of the hill, I swear, but it is ginormous!

On my final night Klaudia took me down by the riverside, which was really cool, with bars and restaurants dotted along the promenade.

On the side of the river opposite the Old Town, the building are distinctly different, distinctly Communist looking, a reminder of the countries troubled past.

Bratislava PanoramaI had a pretty amazing time on my trip to the Slovak capital – but unfortunately my sightseeing was limited by working all day – so I shall have to make a return visit to get to know it a little better!

On a completely unrelated note – I am addicted to the Walking Dead – such a great show!


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