Wish I Was Here…

I found out yesterday that I get to go on a business trip to Bratislava in a few weeks… very exciting news. It makes me feel a lot better about not getting to go travelling this summer. Although I am lucky enough to be going to Amsterdam next week! The thunderstorms here have me yearning for better weather… not unlike the weather we had when we went to Otres Beach in Cambodia. This post is basically to inform anyone who reads this post that they cannot visit Cambodia without paying a visit to this beautiful secluded spot. It is a couple of kilometres away from the more touristy spot of Sihanoukville, but is a far more serene and quiet, but still relatively buzzy on a night. I cannot describe it as anything but perfect. It was so unspoiled, and the small hostels that were there were run by the most friendly people. There were some really sweet Cambodian children there, who although they wanted to sell you things, were interesting and willing to talk to you about their lives. We stayed in a hostel called Wish You Were Here, hence the title. Oh, and by the way the sunsets were the most beautiful that I have ever seen. 

Otres Sunset


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