Islands in the Sea

My last post made has made me think about my travels more than I usually would… especially the time that my boyfriend and I nearly died in a tropical storm. Before we went on our trip the one place we wanted to go was the island of Koh Rong off the coast of Cambodia. We had seen the pictures and it seemed like it was basically paradise. So we booked the accommodation super early, and we chose the top rated accommodation on TripAdvisor, as we wanted it to be special. BIG MISTAKE. After a pretty rough boat trip to the island, we arrived and everything was okay on the surface, but we soon realised that we were on the opposite side of the island to the other places to stay, the nice beaches and the rest of the visitors to the island. What had seemed like paradise on arrival, was actually quite disappointing. To top this off there were some scary looking dogs running around… and I am terrified of dogs.

After a night of deliberation, we decided to try and get a boat to the other side of the island. We weren’t ready to give up on having a great time on Koh Rong. The next day I managed to convince the manager to let us leave and find us a boat. Little did we know this tiny fishing boat was about to take on a massive tropical storm. I can honestly say I thought we would die. I was imagining the news story at home. “Two British students killed in a boating accident in Cambodia”. I was so scared. The waves were huge, and crashing into the boat, and even the fisherman steering the boat stopped steering with his foot, and started to look concerned. By some miracle, we made it to the other side of the island – minus a pair of sunglasses. In the end, it didn’t even feel worth it. It rained terribly the whole time and we couldn’t get to the 7km beach that we had dreamed of seeing. We did try kayaking, didn’t make it all that far, the sea was pretty rough… again.

Looking back though, it was a beautiful island, and its a shame we didn’t get to see it in all its glory. Hopefully I’ll get to go back there someday. See it in a better light… literally. 


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