This Time Last Year…

This time a year ago, I was having the time of my life travelling around South East Asia. This year, I’m working. Oh how times have changed! Just paying a visit to my Facebook News Feed gives me the most powerful wanderlust, as the photographs from my friends travels around Europe and South East Asia.  It makes me yearn to be back there, seeing such wonderful things, learning everyday, realising that public transport is nowhere near as bad as I thought… realising that you can’t believe all the horror stories you hear. Before I set off on my travels, the only thing people seem to tell me was “be careful, it’s dangerous out there!” and “you can’t trust the people out there”. One of the most important things I realised during my travels is that the advice I received could not be further than the truth. On the third day, we took a train from Bangkok to the Cambodian border. We had to sit a little way from are bags as their was no room on the luggage racks above our heads. Every stop for the first 2 hours, I would anxiously watch the bags, watching to see that they weren’t stolen. After seeing 6 stops where not one single person even looked at our bags, I realised that not everyone was the stereotype that had been described to me before I left. In the same way that on a train in England, or anywhere in England, or the world for that matter, the people on it were not thieves, they were just normal people going about their daily business. I’m not sure why it took me so long to realise this, and I was pretty cross at myself at the time for being so narrow and pessimistic. Whenever I get wanderlust and reminisce about last summer, I always focus on what I learnt about myself, so as the summer passes, and my wanderlust deepens, this blog will probably contain a lot of ramblings about what I saw and what I learnt over those amazing six weeks last year.


South East Asia, I miss you #takemeback #holidayblues #flipagram @jamescox94

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